Vinyl Wings

Vinyl Wings

Vinyl Wings is said to have come from a different timeline where jazz was rock music.  Thick piano chords, syncopated drums, odd times, soaring guitar solos, poetic lyrics and melodic bass lines create an atmosphere of music that is dripping in personality.

Thank you to my band for Pushing me past my creative threshold. I've been wanting to make music this Satisfying for Years, and now I'm able because of the talent and Determination of everyone in vinyl wings.  

- Steven Vernak

Making music to me is my sole creative outlet.  I can take seemingly uncapturable moments and put them into the world.  Between the things I experience, the places I've been, the people I've met, the things I've seen, I paint it all into my music.  It's a beautiful thing.


- Logan maddock

Music to me is an outlet that lets me escape the stressors of the every day world. Playing and writing music is like stepping into the 4th dimension for me. The feeling is like a natural body high you get from exercising and it makes me feel like I have a greater sense of purpose in the world. I would be lost without music in my life. I love playing and writing music because it's a form of art that every person can appreciate and relate to.

- Cory Sharick

Cory Sharick

I think music is something you pluck from the air.  It's always there. you're just constantly striving to find it and hoping you're good enough to translate it, to get your feelings funneled through it and make it mean something,  even if it only means something to yourself. 


- Erick Tomlinson

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.